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Benefits of Mercury-free Dental Fillings

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Major modern dental procedures may remain relatively unchanged over the years. But the same can’t...

Major modern dental procedures may remain relatively unchanged over the years. But the same can’t be said about most of the materials used–except for amalgams. Metallic fillings have been around since the 1800s and yet the concept has barely changed. The classic silver fillings are only comprised of a tiny amount of silver. The rest is tin, copper, nickel, and mercury. The latter ingredient is a source of personal and professional contention, but the fact remains that any amount of mercury can be harmful. Modern composite materials allow patients to opt for mercury-free dental fillings. But what are the real benefits of the composite option?

A Seamless, Natural Smile

Human teeth are naturally varying shades of white which create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Dental work can do wonders to improve smiles, but dark spots from fillings create a noticeable flaw in the design. Even when amalgams are placed in the molars, the metal can permeate surrounding teeth giving them a gray appearance. Composite materials mirror the natural shading of existing teeth. There are no dark spots, gray shading, or worries about whether someone’s interested in your smile or your fillings. Your smile remains white and vibrant, just as it should.

A Long-Lasting Smile

Quality dental care is often determined by the longevity of the actual work. Composite dental materials have existed for decades, but they’ve changed and improved on an annual basis. They’re currently incredibly strong and, in many cases, are comparable to the lifespan of their toxic counterparts. Unlike metal that instantly hardens, the composite is applied as a putty after the tooth has been thoroughly cleared of decay. Liquid primer seals the putty to the existing or surrounding enamel. Light then cures the putty and primer making it hard enough to survive your lifestyle and last many years without worrying about replacements.

A Healthier, Non-Toxic Smile and Lifestyle

According to scientific findings, amalgam fillings are the most common source of mercury. They’re responsible for up to 300 tons of mercury created and sold every year. The dental industry is the second largest user nationwide. But what’s the big deal considering the ADA insists amalgams are “safe”? Well, dental amalgam fillings contain 43 to 54{5eaaffee4ab337c81141f96681956eea5098eb1163177439c915f87ef21be5e7} mercury. And according to the World Health Organization, even small amounts of mercury ingestion can have profound and dangerous effects on multiple areas of our lives.
Mercury is a threat to fetuses and causes prematurity as well as other health issues. Mercury has toxic effects on the central nervous system. It can weaken the immune system, digestive system, vision, lungs, kidneys, and multiple other organs. Saliva, food, and other natural life processes break down amalgams over time and mercury vapors are released into the bloodstream. Many diseases and chronic conditions are the results. But amalgams don’t just destroy the human body. Amalgam is the greatest source of mercury in wastewater. Dental amalgam vapors pollute the air through dental emissions, respiration, and even cremation. Mercury from amalgams has also been discovered in landfills, fertilizer, and burial fields.
You don’t have to live your life in discomfort, pain, or fear any longer. Modern day dental composite materials ensure mercury-free dental fillings are easy and affordable solutions. And finding the right dentist who will take your needs and concerns seriously is easier than you may think. Call your Fort Lauderdale holistic dentist today to make the switch for your health and peace of mind.