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Cancer is not a mild disease. The initial step in cancer treatment is detection correctly...

Cancer is not a mild disease. The initial step in cancer treatment is detection correctly that the symptoms appear in the patient’s body is truly malignant cancer cells. This detection can be done by biopsy, so that the treatment step can be performed quickly and accurately. The next step is a therapeutic treatment in a conventional manner. But in fact this treatment with a cancer often can’t be overcome completely. Here, the role of medicinal plants / skin cancer natural treatment.


Cancer disease is a disease caused by the growth of tissue cells of the body that are not normal. The cancer cells will develop rapidly, uncontrollably, and will continue to divide, then infiltrate surrounding tissues (invasive) and continue to spread through the connective tissue, blood, and attacking vital organs and the spinal cord. Under normal circumstances, cells will only divide if no replacement cells that are dead and damaged. In contrast, cancer cells are splitting though the body does not need it, so that there will be a buildup of new cells are called malignant tumors. Stacking the cells are urgent and damage normal tissue, thereby disrupting the organ they occupy. Cancer can occur in various tissues in various organs in every body, from feet to head. When cancer occurs on the surface of the body, will be easily detected and treated. But if there is in the body, the cancer is known to be difficult and sometimes – sometimes have no symptoms. In general, cancer is referred to by the type of organ or cells where they occur. For example, cancer that starts in the large intestine is referred to as colon cancer, while cancer that occurs in the basal cells of the skin referred to as basal cell carcinoma

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