Custom Equipment is Available

When an adult or a child has special needs and significant disabilities, he or she deserves to have a custom solution to the equipment that is necessary and is a big part of daily life.

Special equipment needs to be customized in order to do its proper job and provide as much assistance as possible. Also, for example, a child does not need a shrunken version of an adult wheelchair but needs to have one that has been properly fitted for that individual with an abundance of features that will make life as easy as possible.

In this day and age of assistive technology and experience, the patient has a right to have it put to use in the design of equipment that will be of the most use and enjoyment for something that is depended upon on a regular basis due to moderate, mild, or severe disability.

It is a shame that clinicians, insurance reviewers, and caregivers do not realize that there are major differences in the configurations of available products. A proper mobility technique involves matching the functional and clinical needs of each individual with the appropriate and necessary products.

What makes up a specialty wheelchair? It brings together the strength and durability.components to fit the unique user’s shape, size, ability, lifestyle, environment, amount of mobility, support needed, being lightweight or heavyweight in its materials and structure, folding capabilities, different positioning options, customized modifications, and the important feature of comfort in order for the person to be able to spend the whole day in that chair., commonly known as CW USA, an authorized dealer for most major manufacturers of adaptive equipment and more than 30 years of experience working with professionals and families, would be happy to schedule a comprehensive In-Home Evaluation and Assessment at a time during any of the seven days of the week that will work into your schedule. That will include a diagnosis assessment by a rehab specialist who will explain the proper equipment that is needed and how a custom fit can be accomplished.

CW USA has worked with numerous top institutions as well as physicians, home therapists, nursing homes, group home providers, early intervention programs, and school programs to provide the best equipment at the most cost effective price.