Easing Your Dental Fears

Going to the dentist is important to do at least twice a year, more often if you have pain in the mouth. If you’re like many people, there is a fear of going to the dentist that you might not be able to get over without a few tips and tricks. Let the Brooklyn NY dentist know that you are anxious. Some offices have medications that can be given while you’re receiving treatment, especially if you’re getting a filling or any other kind of work done instead of just a basic cleaning.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed of being afraid to go to the dentist or let that hold you back from getting proper oral care. Dentists understand that there are patients who don’t like to have people right in the face or working in the mouth. Keep in mind that going to the dentist can help prevent cavities, abscesses and other conditions that would cause pain and other issues. Consider writing down your fears and talking about them with the office. You might not know what you’re really afraid of until you do start writing things down. It might not be the actual work that is done but the dentist. On the other hand, the dentist might be someone you like to talk to, but the procedure and tools that are used might seem intimidating.


One way that you can help to overcome your fear is to take a book or an iPod with you so that you can listen to music. This can help take your mind off of what is being done. Some offices now offer stations where you can sit and listen to music or watch television while you’re getting treatment as a way to occupy your mind with something other than the sound of a drill or the work that is done in the mouth. Many dental treatments have improved and don’t take as long to complete. You won’t have to wait in the office chair as long, which can help with your fears. Improved methods of completing work often mean that you won’t feel as much pain at the office.