Finally, the State of Colorado Participates Also Legalize Marijuana Sales

After Washington, Colorado became the second state in the United States (US) that legalized marijuana for personal use.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signs a law that legalizes marijuana usage for personal purposes. And allow unlimited cannabis plants at home for adults aged 21 years and over.

This state supports the 64th Amendment since 6 November 2012, the same day that President Barack Obama was elected again. “Voters have been vocal (the law) since the presidential election,” said Hickenlooper.

Even so, the Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors warned, the cannabis trade is still a violation of the law. Similarly, the consumption of marijuana in public, especially if endangering other residents.

Special Sale For Treatment

After the sale begins, the first buyers get the forbidden material, get out of the store with the parcel covered and show the purchase receipt, to be applauded and cheered by the people in line. For more information, you can vist: Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida

“I will put this receipt in a special frame and hang it on the wall, to remind me of this important event, that marijuana can be obtained everywhere,” said James Aaron Ramsey as Medical Cannabis, who was sentenced to prison for being found possession of cannabis in his pocket.

Activists lifting the cannabis ban or marijuana hope experiments in Colorado will prove to be better than the costly war on drugs, launched by the American government since the 1930s.