Going Digital

When you hear that you need to have medical digital imaging completed, it might sound like you’re going for a test that is painful or that is highly detailed. While the test will look for issues that are going on in the body that the doctor can’t see with an x-ray or blood work, this isn’t the kind of test that is painful or even uncomfortable. It takes about half an hour to 45 minutes to complete a digital scan depending on the area of the body that the doctor wants to examine and the details that need to be seen.

A digital image can often pinpoint the precise cause of the pain in the body. At times, a medication can be dispersed through the body to better detect if there are any leaks from the veins or any blockages. An MRI or CT scan will detect just about anything that is going on in the body. These are ideal tools for doctors to use to determine if there is a tumor anywhere in the body or if there are any conditions that need to be treated right away with surgery, such as gallstones or kidney stones. Digital images are also used to detect issues with the heart and the brain.

Most of the time, doctors can see what is wrong with the body without using a digital scan. This is sometimes a last resort if there are still questions about the condition of the body. A digital scan can be used to confirm a diagnosis that the doctor has given just to be on the safe side when it comes to treatment. Each person is different. What might be detected in one body might not be picked up in another. A scan can give details about the body that aren’t related to what the doctor is looking for, such as a mass that is in the body that the doctor or the patient is unaware of at the time.

When the scan is looked at by the doctor, the results could be different after another doctor reads the scan. The basic information will be uncovered, but one doctor might want one treatment while another will want something else.