Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are the feelings of extra heat in the body, especially the neck, face and chest and sometimes too much sweating. The condition mostly affects women who are approaching menopause period and the condition is during the last menstrual period of a woman. The blood vessels near the skin surfaces dilate to make the blood flow very without too much pressure so that it may cool the body. The condition makes the women very uncomfortable and thus they seek medication to curb the problem. The following are essential oils recommended to end the condition when taking according to the procedure given:

Clary sage essential oil

The oil is known for balancing the hormones especially in woman bodies and is a reliable natural herb that has been used for long. The valuable oil eases the menstrual cramps and the intensity of hot flashes when applied. Apart from ending hot flashes, the product not improves the digestion but also very essential in inspiring mental clarity not forgetting lowering blood pressure that makes the body cool.

Cypress essential oil

Apart from clary sage, cypress essential oil is very reliable oil that is known for detoxifying and very useful in limiting the fluid retention in the body. Moreover, the oil has a soothing effect that helps in maintaining an emotional and hormonal balance. The product also helps women in managing the menopausal system through its cooling effects. The oil simply works very well when one is bathing and all what one needs to do is to add about six drops of the oil into bathing water and after bathing, the person experiencing hot flashes will feel the differences which will be positive recovery.

Lemongrass essential oil

It’s one of the best oil used to heal hot flashes.  The product is very known because has inspirational, mentally stimulating and renewing effects on you and more it soothes your body.

When writing used materials: Natural adviser