Muay Thai Daily Training for your health

There is little doubt that Muay Thai has become one of the more popular exercise programs thanks to its intensity, versatility, and its relative simplicity so that you can perform it at home or when you travel. There is no need to join a training camp, although it can be beneficial if you have the time. In Thailand where Muay Thai was born, it is popular sport as well as a highly popular form of exercise. For those who need to stay in shape, this is a great way to keep fit and trim.


How to Train in Muay Thai

The first step is learning the basic techniques that this form of exercise has to offer. You may want to start in a camp, but you can learn them at home if you so desire. This makes it the perfect exercise for those who work in business or have relatively little time to train.

Set Aside 20 Minutes Five Days a Week: You will need to have enough time to set aside in order to get through a good workout session. 20 minutes is enough for you to enjoy a high intensity workout while still not taking too much out of your day. Remember, you do not have to work out at the same time each day, so whatever best fits your schedule will work.

Work on Different Aspects Each Day: You’ll want to use the many different exercises of Muay Thai to work on different parts of your body each day. You can focus on the core and legs one day and the upper body and arms the next. You can divide up the exercises to benefit a particular area for three days and then another area for two days.

Mix Things Up: Once you have established your routine, you’ll want to break things up after a while so that you will not grow bored with the exercises. This means that you can spend one or two days working on new exercises which will help you stave off boredom while staying in shape.

Training When Traveling

If you are on a business trip or simply getting in some travel time, Muay Thai at will work for you. This is because the exercises do not require any special equipment. All you really need is a comfortable set of workout clothes, shoes, and a little space. You can also bring a little music to help get you in the mood. It also helps to have a routine or two in mind so that you can get right to the workout.

For travel purposes, you’ll want to shorten and intensify your routines just like you were in training camp. This means 10 to 15 minutes that provides you with a full body workout at a high intensity rate. You can do the exercises in the morning before you go out or when you return. Either way, all you need is just enough space in your hotel room to enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai.