Wed. Jul 24th, 2019



New Supplements Help Horses Deal with Pain and Ailments

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Horses often struggle with serious pain in their joints. Because of issues with breeding over...

Horses often struggle with serious pain in their joints. Because of issues with breeding over the decades, many horses today are born with natural joint pain. Even if they are not running in races, these horses can have difficulty living normal lives without significant discomfort. This can become a major problem for horse owners, many of whom spend thousands of dollars desperately trying to get some relief for their beloved horses. The good news today is that horse owners can spend less money and still secure a similar outcome. It is possible today to help horses with high-end horse supplements.


These supplements come in the form of powder. While many animal owners run into problems getting their animals to eat certain supplements, the newer versions come in the form of a powder that can be easily added to the horse’s food. This makes it much easier for the average horse owner to help his horse. With the old pill forms, only professionals could get the horses to ingest whatever supplement was needed. This added to the costs of helping horses deal with their pain, making it almost impossible for the average horse owner to provide this service to his horses.
There are two ways in which horse owners are currently using the supplements. Some owners administer these supplements on a weekly basis, putting horses through a “program” of sorts. The goal of this kind of supplement addition is to give the horse a long-term solution to some chronic problem. It is equivalent to putting a human being through some kind of nutritional solution for arthritis. This can be an excellent way to ensure that horses are not living in chronic pain and can perform at their best when they are asked to do so.


More often, though, people are buying small amounts of supplements in order to help horses in the wake of some exercise. Even if the horse goes out on a simple trail ride, it might suffer for a few days in the wake of that activity. Supplements can help the horse with inflammation and other problems after they have exercised. Modern supplements have succeeded in helping horses recover more quickly so they can be more useful to their owners. Given the relatively low cost of these supplements, they are becoming true no-brainers for horse owners who care.