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Choice can be large enough to have an impact. If the award perpetual plaques is...

Choice can be large enough to have an impact. If the award perpetual plaques is provided the amount is not significant, the impact could be the opposite of the effort to increase productivity. Choice should be announced widely in order to have an impact on the recipient

Award recipients brass plaques must be understood by personnel should understand very well the reasons for the award as well as the value of awards plaques they have received.

Award to be given at the appropriate time should be given the award after personnel resulting in performance should get the award. If not given immediately, awards will lose impact as a motivator.

Impact awards plaques should be felt in the long term could Choice generate more value if the euphoria generated by the awards last long in the memory of the receiver.


Types of Choice (Reward)

A. intrinsic Reward

Is an award that is internal or perceived individually is usually obtained and the involvement of the individual in an activity or a specific task, such a feeling of satisfaction.

B. extrinsic Reward

Reward is controlled and distributed directly by the organization and is a reward that berwujud.misalnya compensation.

Intrinsic Award.

Intrinsic rewards in the form of self-satisfaction that is obtained by a person who has successfully completed its work well and have achieved certain goals. To increase the intrinsic rewards that management can use various techniques such as the addition of responsibility, participation in decision-making, and other businesses that boost self esteem and encouraging people to be the best.

Extrinsic Award.

Extrinsic rewards consist of compensation given to personnel, either in the form of compensation directly, indirectly, or in the form of non-monetary compensation. Direct compensation is a form of direct payment of salary or basic salary, honorarium overtime or holidays, profit sharing, stock options, and a variety of other bonuses based on the performance of personnel. Choice is not direct all welfare payments to personnel such as accident insurance, old age insurance, honorarium vacation, sick time allowance. Non-monetary awards can be something that is extra given by the company to its personnel, such as the workspace whose location and excellent facilities, parking spaces, special title and a private secretary.

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