Right preparation holds the key to success in bariatric surgery

When does one really decide to go for bariatric surgery?  It is not that all obese people should go for the surgery. According to doctors, only such obesity that is extremely severe as established through clinical examinations are fit for surgery. Of course, the medical condition of the patient has to be taken into consideration to take a final decision.  But even after taking a decision there is a long way to go for a successful surgery that can ensure permanent weight loss in the long run and good health of the patient. It has to be remembered that unlike other surgeries, metabolic surgery can change your life forever. There is likely to be remarkable changes in your lifestyle and food habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It can turn out to be one of the most important life changing event and should be addressed with due seriousness.


Building realistic expectations

How well the bariatric surgery will turn out depends on the way preparation is done. It begins by educating the patient about the various aspects of the surgery so that it becomes easy to understand the complex medical process and its resulting changes. What and how much can be achieved through surgery depends on the condition of individuals, so it is necessary to explain to them what can be expected from the surgery. It allays unnecessary fears about the surgery and builds realistic expectations that contribute to the success of the surgery.

Preparing for the surgery

Once the patient is mentally ready for the surgery, begins the stage of preparation for performing the surgery. All medical aspects are clearly evaluated and the route map or surgery is completed.  During the preparative stage, the safety aspects of the patient and the procedure are taken into consideration as it is equally important for ensuring success.

Which surgery is best?

There are many kinds of surgical procedures that come under the umbrella of bariatric surgery. It is not possible to identify which is the best because patients respond differently to the same procedure and there are a lot of variables that influence the success rate of surgeries. After considering all medical and personal factors of the patient, the type of surgery that would be most suitable and effective is chosen. It is not the metabolic surgeon alone who takes the decision. Your entire support system that includes other consultants and your primary care physician has to be taken into confidence to arrive at the decision.

The insurance angle

All health insurance policies provide cover for the surgery unless it is specifically excluded. The final coverage is let known after the insurance company receives the complete dossier from the hospital. However, it could involve a series of document exchanges with the insurance company to convince them about the rationality of the surgery.

There are risks in the surgery like any other surgery would have but the risks of not having the surgery is far more than having it.