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Making a Custom Diet Plan Overweight people in all parts of the globe are doing whatever they can to lose weight and even trying different diet plans but still, the end result isn’t what they expect. This can be because of the fact that every diet program isn’t made for each body type. If they are geared for your specific type of body, diet plans for weight loss will work more efficiently. If you do not take into mind your body type when selecting a weight loss routine, then the ability of losing weight may be hampered, which will cause frustration and sooner or later, giving up. For sure, the question you have in mind is how to determine your body type. Body types may be classified by a number of things such as blood type, medical conditions, shape, genetic and so on whether you believe it or not. To give you an example, diet plans for an average individual may be disastrous in the event that he/she is suffering from diabetes, which is the reason why a custom diet plan is necessary. Likewise, there are specific healthy diet plans for those who have high levels of cholesterol. In this article, we will be focusing on custom diet plan geared for individuals who wanted to lose weight.
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Gender type is basically an integral element that ought to be considered when creating personalized diet meal plans. The body shape will be a deciding factor when considering weight loss diet for women in age group of 25 – 55, this is assuming that they do not have any medical conditions. One system has classified the body shape of a woman to 4 categories and the diet plans are advised in line with each type.
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It just makes sense to categorize types of body according to the body form shapes since every type has a tendency to gain fat in some parts of the body. Women with a lymphatic body type is more vulnerable to weight gain and as a result, they are often chubby than those who are not. Such types of the body also have low rate of metabolism and will require custom diet plan in order to accommodate it. Women with gynaeoid body type are frequently pear shaped and has this tendency to gain weight in thighs and buttocks. These women have more estrogen, that’s also the reason for their fat deposits on the lower part of their body. Android body type has this anabolic metabolism that’s great if your goal is for bodybuilding. It is in the abdominal area and in upper parts of the body were the excessive weight occurs. To reduce weight, it is necessary to have a balanced diet. The least body type is the thyroid category in which the woman is long limbed with narrow bone structure. Even if there is no big predisposition for weight gain, it is possible and the fat tends to accumulate behind the thighs and the buttocks.