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Understanding Hair Loss A Little Better It is a fact that not only are men are those affected with hair loss, but it is also something that is affecting women. It is important to always remember that when you are going to look at hair loss, then it is a condition that is actually not limited to a certain culture or race for that instance. It should be something that is seen as a universal problem. When you are experiencing mild hair loss, then it might be something that doesn’t need much of a medical attention, but when you are already experiencing severe and excessive hair loss, then it is certainly something that will warrant medical attention. What should be noted is that there are actually so many factors that are contributing to how hair loss is actually started for that matter. Heredity is actually one factor that is a cause for hair loss and is being experienced by so many people. There are so many people that are suffering from hair loss, and that it can be due to the fact about androgenetic alopecia. Heredity factor such as genetic propensity when it comes to the prevalence of the androgen hormone is one player when it comes to baldness. It is essential to remember that certain illness such as malaria or typhoid are the major cause why excessive hair loss is going to happen to a person. Another thing is that when a person is going to undergo chemotherapy, then it can surely contribute to the problems of excessive hair loss. It is important to note that the trigger for hair loss when it comes to the different diseases is that of the stress associated with the illness. On the other note, when a person is also experiencing some hormonal dysfunction, then it can certainly play a great role as to why premature hair loss is going to happen.
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It is essential to remember that when there are problems in the thyroid gland, then the regulation of certain hormones are going to be affected, thus will affect on the hair growth as well.
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Hair loss can actually be triggered by the intake of certain medications for that matter. It would be important to really look at the kind of medication that you are currently taking in, as it might cause you to have hair loss problems, an example of these medications are blood thinner, birth control pills and antidepressants.