Weight Lose Program

Quite often the extra weight on the body cause great discomfort and irritation in humans .It is obvious resentment of obesity appear before the celebration or an important event .Talk to say about dissatisfaction with shopping trips when your favorite is not in accordance with the required size
According to the study, drastic weight loss is possible as a result of the systematic implementation of certain exercises. The following steps should spend no more than 5 minutes at intervals of 2 hours. During the day the exercise should be repeated at least six times:


• Drop down and climb up on the toes at least 40 times
• raising and lowering socks at least 40 times
• tense and relax the buttocks at least 40 times
• with a deep breath to relax your belly as you exhale pull up to a maximum of the selected countries. Repeat 15 times
• Connect the blade as close as possible, the shoulders should remain in their original position. Repeat 40 times
• arms outstretched on the same level with the shoulder. Clenched fists, then relax. Repeat 40 times
• Body first turn right and then left at least 20 times
• Pull the chin forward and back to the starting position
If you are wondering how to lose weight, and ready for action, dietary advice to help you in this regard. The best option would be a bland diet and weight lose, but it is enough to simply stop eating after 6 hours. An abundance of fruits and vegetables, and a complete lack of flour, protein-rich foods and one week for yogurt can work wonders. Almost a week will see the first results of the business .But do not forget that the meal plan for losing weight should not cause drastic weight loss .It is full of negative consequences. In addition, the return to the previous figure takes place in many cases.