Everyone is focused entirely on heath care treatment, from the governing administration all the way down to the average consumer. The ACA is made to help reduce medical care expenses and many companies are turning to outside shareholders to bring in necessary money in order to meet the laws put into law with this particular legislation. Health Catalyst is not an exemption to this, as stated by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ.com). Back in 2014, the startup company obtained $41 million to help fund modifications, receiving these funds via series C funding. Investor Sequoia Capital headed the charge, with many other investors participating, such as Sorenson Capital Partners. The business intends to utilize the funds received to develop over 2 hundred apps to help manage electronic digital medical care files. A software system is needed which is capable of digitizing, keeping, as well as managing documents of this particular kind, yet a lot of companies offering the computer software don’t permit medical service providers to request any gathered info. As many health care providers today receive payments dependent on client end results, to be able to query the info is actually of great importance. The program provided by Health Catalyst permits them to accomplish this, whilst allowing them to analyze financial along with admin info. Many make use of this business because they are experts in this type of computer software, while many rivals supply data warehouse and also analytics resources for various industries. This is just what ensures they stick out.