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10 Things You Need to Know About Cannabis

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1. Wearing marijuana is an unlawful act. It’ll be difficult for you to find a job if you have ever been punished.
2. Dangerous marijuana. Smoking marijuana increases the risk of cancer and lung damage. It also causes panic, anxiety, and “parno” (feelings that people like to chase).
3. Cannabis reduces the ability to perform activities. That requires coordination and concentration, such as fun, dancing, drama exercises, and learning.
4. Wearing cannabis reduces other people’s judgment of you. Just think if you’re well dressed then there’s cannabis in your hands, what are you doing?
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5. Cannabis limits you. Cannabis interferes with your school, your relationship with family and social life.
6. Cannabis interferes with the way of thinking and judging things. This is very risky, such as accidents, and violence. For more information you can Click Here
7. Sucking cannabis does not make you cool (cool). On the contrary, your appearance is shabby.
8. Cannabis causes dependence. You always feel you need cannabis, and it’s hard to get away from it.
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9. Sucking cannabis is not solving the problem. Cannabis will not solve the problem, even the problem will be more severe, because you are not trying to find a solution. Talk about your problem with others you trust. Do not believe in people who say that marijuana is not dangerous or will make your life better.
10. Not everyone uses marijuana. You do not need it. If you think, everyone is using marijuana, you are mistaken in the United States more than 80{3f6bf8cf5c4b454f8049c9cbee549c4916862540d07888ad63c8a54dac39f5a3} 12-17 year old teens have never used marijuana. Cannabis does not make you happy, popular or mature.

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