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Are They Really Pesticide

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Sadly, MSG will not be the one toxin we`re uncovered to regularly. Have a look...

Sadly, MSG will not be the one toxin we`re uncovered to regularly. Have a look at me. Really addressing the claims and proof, rather than inventing conspiracies about you being paid off by Big Organic or some such nonsense. That could be a way of thinking reserved for people who will never be taken seriously, as their dogma blinds them to actuality, and the organic food folks ought to be cautious as not to cross the line to be lumped in with such anti-science teams.

Happens when religion is questioned and happens with organic meals for crying out loud and can proceed to occur so long as folks discover the box that makes them really feel comfy and refuse to think exterior of it. As a substitute of discussing the actual subject of natural meals, you obsess and flame my weblog with nonsense about OEC and YEC—which is irrelevant, as they each deny evolution (as you’ve gotten so strongly confirmed). Regardless, as I mention in paragraph three, even natural farmers use pesticides, insecticides, and many others.

In conclusion, you need to look at every molecule for its benefits and drawbacks, due to this fact no simple i-dont-like-to-assume conclusion could be completed right here with natural vs non-natural or natural vs artificial. As somebody that’s actually a farmer (albeit on a small scale) in Australia…….I’m endlessly frustrated by the misinformation and misunderstanding that surrounds the natural meals motion.

It is also about cleansing the land and the atmosphere, it is about animal cruelty and higher requirements for feeding and taking good care of animals, it’s about not consuming an animal that has been consuming chemical garbage rather than eating an animal that has been fed off the land – which is organic and not a subject of pesticide laden grass. I am not a greenie or an environmentalist or a tree hugger but I’m prepared to place extra of my hard earned cash in organic farmers/producers tills when I do know that their enterprise practices are in line with my definition of natural. Natural food manufacturing is a closely regulated business, distinct from non-public gardening.

I specific, I’m exasperated by the blatant hypocrisy of all of it and the head within the sand mentality of the pro organic clan. My third reason why I’ve rejected natural meals is because of the physical destruction attributable to the Anti-GMO movement, particularly of experimental GMO meals crops as a result of perception that these crops were harmful. Now my fourth reason for rejecting natural foods is not due to the Anti-GMO motion, but due to natural foods itself.

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