Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019



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Wherever our community looks in the newspapers, Hydrocodone addiction is always there. Addiction to Drug is a difficult lesson to master. It may take 4 days or several months to become physically dependent on Fentanyl. When the physical dependence of opiates is prevalent the addiction is rampant.

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The tolerance starts to increase when this happens, needing more of the Heroin to stay from getting sick. Loved ones start feeling the withdrawal effect such as cold flashes and unable to function, or needing more in order to get high. Parents grieve at seeing someone they do activities with go through the awful withdrawals that are part of Fentanyl addiction.

Sisters never see the addiction coming, nor do we grow up thinking I want to be a Percocet addict when I am older. It may start after getting into a car accident or an operation in which one …

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