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Cholesterol Control Vitamin, Deficiency & Ailments

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Up to 10 million People will soon have a brand new option for lowering their...

Up to 10 million People will soon have a brand new option for lowering their cholesterol ‘ at a worth of $14,600 a yr. I wish they’d let me know this at the time – but I suppose I wouldn’t have made the statin connection anyhow as a result of I used to be so completely brainwashed into thinking statins are protected. The graph below (supply: , with many thanks to Primitivo) shows the outcomes of one study, involving many more nations than Key’s Seven International locations Study, that truly suggests a DAMAGING linear correlation between complete ldl cholesterol and heart problems. This graph has been obtained by a nonlinear analysis, and I feel it supplies a better picture of the relationship between complete ldl cholesterol (TC) and mortality.

The graph below (source also: ) shows the U-curve relationship between whole cholesterol and mortality, with cardiovascular disease mortality indicated via a dotted crimson line at the bottom. I wanted to quote the figures you’ve got right here in a discussion r.e. levels of cholesterol and mortality, however the hyperlinks you embody appear now not to work, and I am unable to find the graphs.

To answer questions on the problems which are occurring with the conversion of cholesterol into Vitamin D, we need to understand a bit of how important gentle is throughout the physique, not just the sunshine from the sun. Prescribed drugs, dyes, poisonous private care products, environmental pollution like smog, herbicides, pesticides, and even inappropriately prescribed natural medicines all maintain the possibility of corrupting the energetic biophotonic software that runs the physique.

Step one from Cholesterol to 7 Dehydro-cholesterol requires biophotonic gentle power to add just one more bond to the second benzene ring at the backside left of the molecule. The International Network of Ldl cholesterol Skeptics is a gaggle of medical doctors and scientists that seeks to set the record straight relating to the function of animal fat and excessive lipid ldl cholesterol in heart disease. So it appears that excessive ldl cholesterol is not really a risk issue for much of something.

One in all these medical doctors is Uffe Ravnskov, author of The Cholesterol Myths Dr. Ravnskov makes the point that high ldl cholesterol does not contribute to the hardening of arteries as a result of studies present that individuals with low ldl cholesterol are just as atherosclerotic as individuals with high cholesterol. As an example, high cholesterol just isn’t a threat issue for ladies or outdated individuals, but is for younger and middle-aged males. Basically, ldl cholesterol is dangerous, however solely in case you have a Y chromosome and are a certain age.

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