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E-cigarettes can lead to facial birth defects – Could the studies prove the relation?

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There were few studies which proved that too much exposure to e-cigarettes could lead to...

There were few studies which proved that too much exposure to e-cigarettes could lead to different kinds of facial deformities in developing babies of pregnant women. This experiment was first done on pregnant mice which were exposed to e-cigarette vapor and it was later on found out that their offspring were born with facial defects. They got abnormalities around their jaws and mouth and the case was almost similar among frogs. Though e-cigarettes are becoming extremely popular as they’re deemed to be a safer alternative to smoking, yet scientists and researchers are not sure about whether or not it causes birth defects.

As per the new researches which were found out by Virginia Commonwealth University, it was found that the flavored e-cigarettes led to severe facial deformities which added to heaps of documentation which said that the sweetening agents in the e-liquids caused dangerous impacts.
Popularity of e-cigs
If you take into account the present scenario, you will see that e-cigarettes are gradually becoming more popular than ever as there are more than 9 million adults who vape everyday as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vape pens spare the lungs of the users from harmful particles like tar and other chemicals which are there in tobacco cigarettes but since we just begun to know about the vape juice, it can’t be surely concluded that vape juices are safer for health.
There are a group of researchers who were keen on determining the birth defects which can occur in a pregnant women when she is exposed to vape vapor and whether or not they differed from all those who smoked cigarettes. If a pregnant woman smoked cigarettes, it has long been said that this can lead to a cleft lip or a palate in the new born baby and there are also several changes in the brain of developing babies that are caused due to cigarettes.
In order to check whether this fact is also true with electronic cigarettes, the researchers conducted a survey with pregnant mice by exposing them to the vapor of electronic cigarettes. It showed that the mice which inhaled the vapor had dramatic abnormalities all over the area which surrounded their mouths, cheek and jaw areas.
Hence it is still not sure about whether or not vaping causes birth defects among pregnant women. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you don’t smoke or vape when you’re pregnant if you don’t want your little one to suffer.

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