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Why No One Talks About Muscles Anymore

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Libido Drives Muscle Gain Any guy will agree that sex is a life necessity. Studies...

Libido Drives Muscle Gain Any guy will agree that sex is a life necessity. Studies recently showed that sexual satisfaction ranked as the number one factor for a happy man. A healthy libido is indicated by a high desire for sex. High testosterone level surges thru the body when libido is raised. High testosterone levels augur well for work in the gym. High desire for sex, therefore, can equate to high capacity for building lean muscle mass. An actual drop in desire was experienced by some men when they cut down on their sexual activities; and using this as a standpoint, “bedroom exercise” reduction could hinder muscle growth potential. It has also been confirmed by tests that cortisol surges through the body when a person is highly stressed. Cortisol negates muscle gain progress. Sex is found by many to be a great stress reliever, so this is another factor confirming the complementary nature of sex and muscle development. However, research has shown that the levels of prolactin in the body decreases immediately after sex has taken place. Raised prolactin levels could induce decrease in libido levels, mood changes and in some cases, depression, impotence, headaches, infertility. Above all, it reduces testosterone levels. High desire for sex could indicate healthy testosterone levels, but the testosterone level immediately goes down once the deed is done. This strongly suggests a man should practice sexual abstinence immediately prior to a workout or athletic activity. The hormone oxytocin increases immediately after sex, making a man sleepy. The feeling of bonding in humans is created by oxytocin. As a result, the central drive is usually decreased, making a man perform less effectively in the gym. Most body builders, however, target to achieve the ripped look which is a product of lowered body fats. When body fat levels go down, libido goes down and sex life could suffer. Builders on competition diets, therefore, will expect their sex drive to suffer at this time, but once they get off the diet and start eating normally, libido returns back to the normal range.
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One more bit of information about sex and muscles is that the body loses significant amounts of zinc (which happens to be a major micronutrient needed for muscle tissue build-up and maintenance) after each orgasm. A body-builder, therefore, may have to supplement his diet to replace the lost zinc. Lifting heavy and eating hard makes for larger and more powerful muscle mass. Unless “bedroom bouts” are so frequent that going to gym for workouts becomes difficult, sex does not adversely impact on results. Well, spreading out the two activities, providing at least a five hour gap, will allow the body’s hormonal status to return closer to baseline. This spread could tone down the small negative influences that may be present.Tips – My Most Valuable Advice

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